Madroños 27

Madroños 27 Residential Building

Madrid, Spain
Inmobiliaria Tiuna
7.341,05 sqm

Architects:Alejandro Bueso-Inchausti, Pablo Rein and Edgar Bueso-Inchausti.

Collaborating Architects: Fabricio Cordido, Gonzalo Nieto, Vanesa Poncio, María Zuazo, Antonio García (architects) and Carmen Jorge (draftsman).

Direction Works: Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos.

Quantity Surveyors: Antonio Gil Melero and Natalia Rodríguez.

Structural Engineering: Buin Ingenieros.

Installations Engineering: INES Ingenieros.

Construction Company: Zimenta, Obras y Proyectos S.L.


- LOOP Design Award 2021 / People`s Choise Award / Madroños 27-29 Residence, Winner Best House

- BUILD Architecture Award 2019: Best Collective Housing Design, England, United Kingdom.

- BigMat Awards 2019, Selected Project, Bordeaux, France.

- Premio NAN de Arquitectura 2018, Best Collective Housing Design. Madrid.

- 2A Continental Architectural Award for Asia and Europe. Third Prize in the Residential Typology (Europe), promoted by the Iranian 2A Magazine. IAAC, Barcelona. Spain.

- Premios Piedras de Arte. Premios Arquitectura con Eñe (promoted by the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) Mention. Madrid.