Our philosophy is based on the project’s

We want our buildings to communicate the harmony provided by beauty, through the way we use light and shape according to the function they serve.

We think of architecture
as a formal expression of function


Over 35 years of experience in the design of architectural projects both in Spain and at international level

The architecture firm was founded in Madrid in 1983 by architects Alejandro and Jorge Bueso-Inchausti and Pablo Rein. It is currently directed by Alejandro Bueso-Inchausti, Pablo Rein and, since 2012, by Edgar Bueso-Inchausti. The three partners work together with a multidisciplinary team of different nationalities and their activity is focused on the field of architecture and urbanism, specializing in residential and tertiary typologies. Their buildings can be found in Spain, Romania, US, Mexico and Switzerland.

Major clients

Throughout its history, Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos has designed projects for clients such as JP Morgan, Peabody Group, O’Connor Capital Partners, Richelieu Developments, Merlin Properties, Nozar, One United Properties, Grupo Aylex, Real Madrid, VB Landtrade, Alius Inversiones, Alaska Inversiones, Diken, Duprocom, Grupo Delta, Cetelem or the City of Bucharest.

Since 1989, the firm signs all of Tiuna’s projects.

Our accumulated experience and our realistic vision of architecture help us to know better our clients’ needs

The work of Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos has always maintained continuity, understanding architecture as a formal expression of function, as a dialogue between form and function, between what and how.

Since 1989, in addition to its own commissioned projects, the firm has been signing projects for Tiuna, a family-owned developer committed to architecture since its foundation in 1964.

Working in partnership with Tiuna provides the firm with a very realistic vision of architecture adapted to the real estate market and its needs.

Global service: we are involved in the whole process and attach great importance to architectural details

Our priority has always been to provide our clients with effective responses both during the development and during the construction phase of the project.

The team is personally involved in each of the project´s stages, from the location, up to final delivery, in order to achieve excellence in quality, care for detail and to ensure that the result is faithful to the original idea.


Quality and involvement as a vocation

Our priority has always been the development of the architect’s work as an enduring art, pursuing quality as a common hallmark of each project. We are involved to the end in every project.

Continuity as a line of work

The architectural evolution of the firm has never lost continuity, trying not to give in to the temptation to break with our line of work.

Form-function integration and feasibility

The development of the proposed function as well as the business feasibility is a primary objective so that the project is developed from a formal and functional idea.

Architectural details

Our priority has always been to provide clients with comprehensive responses in each project. This involves designing and executing every detail in a unique and singular way.

Care for the environment and commitment to planned urban growth of the city

Our projects are certified as sustainable, which ensures environmental care.
Respect for the city leads to a strong commitment with planning its growth.